Society for Ritual Arts

We are an interfaith organization at the crossroads of art, science and spirituality.

We publish a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal, Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater, as well as host events related to ritual arts. Our mission is to support the ritual arts community through the advancement of arts and scholarly research in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, healing, performance, and visual media. We support work that advances freedom of spiritual practices globally, the scientific study of spirituality and the human brain, and beauty in any media that inspires a spiritual sense of wonder, awe or connectedness. We are currently seeking 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

Upcoming Events

Lost Chord Dinner & Concert

January 23 in Berkeley, CA
Join us for music, wine and honoring neofolk-romantique indie musicians Sharon Knight & Winter, with performances by harpist Diana Rowan, multitalented violinist Michael Mullen, indie band Imager, a short theatrical performance by Hungarian shaman Ivan Szendro, convocation by Iyanifa Chief Luisah Teish and keynote by fantasy author Diana Paxson.

Tickets $68

A Cast of Cowries: Predictions and Prescriptions for the year

January 28 in San Francisco, CA
Luisah Teish will share the stories of the Orishas, explain the symbolism, and the predictions the stories offer. She will recommend meditations, moon rituals and community actions to make 2016 a year full of  blessings.

Tickets $10

Alain Bloch: The Lore of the Jedi

February 18 in San Francisco, CA
The Jedi tradition is one of the most loved and richest in all science fiction. But where did it come from? What real-life traditions has it borrowed from? And how has it influenced and inspired real-life rituals and beliefs? Who better to answer these all-important questions than professional Jedi Knight Alain Bloch.

Tickets $10

Society News

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